100 – Gaïa or the awakening of a consciousness

It is the title of the talk I gave on october 7th, at the headquarters of ESA (European Space Agency) in Paris. I have been invited to give this talk for the launch of a book entitled: « SOS Treaty. The safe operating space treaty ». Written in cooperation by scientists and jurists, this book shows the urgency to develop international agreements for the protection of the environment.

The word « Gaia » refers here to the concept with which James Lovelock expresses the fact that all the structures that dissipate solar energy on Earth behave as a single living organism. As the brain of Gaïa, mankind is becoming conscious it is in charge of all the ecosystems as well as the Earth’s atmosphere, as an individual becomes conscious he is in charge of his own body to feed it and maintain it in good health.

The interested reader will find here attached the viewgraphs I used for this presentation. (format pdf ou diaporama).My talk at Salon de Provence on october 18 and my coming talk in Toulon are french versions of the same talk for a wider audience.


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